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Who we are.

Bricks Estate Agents was set up with a unique vision: Amalgamating the perfect blend of comfort, experience, and enthusiasm. 

Whether you are looking for a cosy family home or a grand dream estate to retreat to during the holidays, the properties under our belt provide a variety of astounding tailored homes from every price range, adapted perfectly to your taste.

Our niche-specialist agents pair their intricate understanding all types of real estate collections to create an impeccably tailored experience for our esteemed clients. 

At Bricks Real Estate, we pair the UK’s best and most diverse properties with the most qualified audience. We strive to maintain complete confidentiality and discretion by utilising our specialised resources and working on your behalf.

We deal with the world’s most qualified individuals in all areas of the market, from properties for first-time buyers, to homes in the most affluent communities, meaning we have an exclusive edge in the market.

Our Collection

Dealing with all properties, you might wonder if we have what it takes to blow you away. Bricks Estates is proud to access valuable properties ranging from starter houses, heritage estates, family homes and luxury mansions.

Our Purpose

Our sole purpose at Bricks Estate Agents is to defy mediocrity and deliver seamless experiences. This is evident through the services that we provide to our clients and the relationships that we foster along the way.

Our Goal

Our Goal; Bringing you an eloquent combination of exclusivity, impeccable architectural design, and customised amenities for every need.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment; Unsurpassed innovation and service so you can relax in your orbit while we get you a stellar deal on a silver platter.

Our Speciality

Our Speciality; We strive to be versatile and flexible as each esteemed client represents a unique opportunity for us. From developers to property owners, from first-time sellers, to celebrity buyers, we welcome clients from every background all over the world.

Meet the Exceptional Team Behind Bricks Estate Agents!

Each member of our team brings a unique blend of expertise, dedication, and innovation to our daily operations. At Bricks Estate Agents, we pride ourselves on our collaborative spirit and our commitment to excellence in serving our clients’ diverse real estate needs. From groundbreaking strategies to personalised client interactions, our team is at the heart of everything we do. Together, we are reshaping the real estate landscape, building trust, and ensuring that every transaction is as seamless as it is successful. Join us in celebrating the brilliant minds and passionate hearts that make up Bricks Estate Agents!

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Our Niche-Specialist Agents.

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Juan Bailey – Director

As the founder and director of Bricks Estate Agents, Juan is distinguished by his exceptional attention to detail and genuine affinity for people. His extensive knowledge of the high-end real estate market empowers him to precisely match clients with the ideal properties or target audiences to meet their specific requirements.

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Raj Johal – Head of Guaranteed Rent

Raj, our Head of Guaranteed Rent, plays a pivotal role in ensuring consistent rental income for property owners, regardless of tenancy status. He manages relationships with property owners and investors, presenting the guaranteed rent model as a reliable and appealing financial solution. Raj oversees the entire process, from property evaluation to contract management, ensuring all parties understand and fulfil their obligations. His keen insight into market trends allows him to set competitive rent prices that attract and retain tenants, while also ensuring profitability for property owners. Raj's leadership and strategic planning are instrumental in growing this segment, maintaining a high level of client satisfaction and operational excellence within our company.

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Chris Obrien – Property Maintenance

Chris, our Property Maintenance, is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of our properties are in excellent working order. His duties include routine inspections, handling repairs, and addressing tenant maintenance requests efficiently. Chris can carry out basic works such as plumbing, painting and decorating, gardening, and landscaping. He also manages preventive maintenance to prolong the lifespan of property fixtures and systems. Chris plays a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our properties, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for all occupants. His proactive approach helps minimise downtime and maximises tenant satisfaction.

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Adrienne Czirjak – Administrator/Property Management

Adrienne is our exceptional Administrator in Property Management, truly a superstar in managing the daily operations of our properties. She expertly handles tenant relations, coordinates maintenance schedules, and manages lease administration. Using property management software, Adrienne keeps precise records of tenant payments and service requests, ensuring all lease activities are meticulously managed. Her stellar communication and organisational skills forge a strong link between tenants, maintenance staff, and property owners, maintaining high standards across our properties. Adrienne’s commitment and efficiency not only enhance tenant satisfaction but also significantly contribute to the overall value and success of our properties.

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Manpreet Johal – Head of Accounts

As a key architect behind the remarkable expansion of Bricks Estate Agents, Manpreet has masterfully engineered a formula for unprecedented and prolific growth within the company. Her approach combines passion and sharp intellect to navigate and resolve various challenges effectively. With a steadfast commitment to building trust and ensuring transparency, all while maintaining strict confidentiality, Manpreet has expertly facilitated connections between the right individuals throughout her illustrious career. Her strategic foresight and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the success of Bricks Estate Agents.

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Ashley Game – IT Manager

Ashley Game is the director of Webhex Media Limited, a cutting-edge tech company. At Bricks, Ashley is revolutionising the real estate industry with his innovative and unconventional approaches. His leadership fosters an environment of creativity and freedom, allowing for fresh, out-of-the-box solutions that are transforming the way real estate operates.

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