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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers FAQ

Deposits are typically 10% of the asking price, but your mortgage company may require a higher percentage.

It depends on the individual circumstances and can differ from property to property. However, on average it is usually around 8-12 weeks before contracts are exchanged.

Financial advice is recommended early on in the process and a mortgage in principle will demonstrate to the seller that you are able to finance the purchase. It will also place you in a stronger position than potential buyers who do not have a mortgage in principle.

A valuer will inspect your property on behalf of the lender if you have arranged a mortgage. This does not consider the condition of the property; therefore, it is recommended that you obtain a full condition report from a chartered surveyor so any problems found can be addressed.

If you discover a problem with the property before exchanging contracts you can request the seller pays and corrects the problem; you can seek a price reduction which would cover the cost of resolving the problem or simply back out of the contract.

Prior to the exchange of contracts, either party has the right to withdraw; however, once contracts have been exchanged, the suffering party has the right to ‘breach of contract’ remedies. Thus, at this point, the seller is entitled to keep the deposit.

Sellers FAQ

You can expect a friendly, experienced agent who will calmly discuss your thoughts on your property, and inform you on the local property market. You will receive your free valuation on the day which is based on sold and available properties as well as current market conditions. We will also offer professional advice on where and how to pitch your property in order to maximise exposure and interest.

At Bricks we try to beat the industry average of

The first step is simply getting your home onto the market. We offer valuations and a plethora of market advice to make this step as easy as possible. After the photos and floorplans have been finalised we will advertise your property for you. The next step is generating awareness. We will host home openings and contact buyers through our large database. Finally, our trained negotiators will secure the highest sale price you accept for your property. After that, the final steps of property searches and surveys will be carried out until the buyer is happy and the contract is signed.

We, as a company, aim to have your property a buyer within four weeks.

At Bricks, we try to beat the industry average of 12 weeks from off acceptance to completion. We average 8-10 weeks for your sale to be finalised.

We work alongside local solicitors and conveyancers that we can handpick for your needs. Furthermore, our partners can help with all your financial needs.

Tenents FAQ

Once you have submitted your offer on a rental property you will be subjected to fulfilling our reference criteria. Once that has been passed your offer will be passed to the landlord for consideration.

If accepted you will have 14 days to sign the receipt of application, if not signed within those 14 days the landlord reserves the right to re-offer the property.

You will need identification and proof of address. There are many forms of identification that will be deemed valid, you can find if yours is legible on your government website;

Your references should be your employer, your current landlord (if you have one) and a personal reference. If you recently changed employer, your previous employer is permitted and if you are self-employed an accountant can also work. If you have not been continuously employed for the past 18 months, have been working abroad in the previous 6 months, or your income falls short of our criteria then a Guarantor will be required. To stop any delays in the process you should contact any references to inform them we will be in touch.

The guarantor has to fulfill these simple requirements:

  • Must earn the equivalent of 3 times the yearly sum of the rent.
  • Needs to be in full time employment or be able to prove by bank statements that they have “independent means”.

Should the tenant be unable to provide a guarantor, your application will be withdrawn.

The baseline is you must be earning 1.5 times the yearly rent with a guarantor, or 2.5 times without a guarantor.

The deposit is typically one months rent, this may vary however but must be agreed on before the contract is signed.

The rent is to be paid monthly, in advance commencing on the first day of the tenancy.

We will prepare a Condition Report of your new home if instructed by the Landlord. We will schedule an appointment with the Inventory Clerk for the Check In report to occur on the day you move in. This report does not replace the advice of an experienced advisor.

Company applications are acceptable where the company will be paying the rent.

All money due at the time of signing the agreement should be paid in cash or by bank draft. The money must be paid at least seven working days in advance of occupancy.

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